Cottenham Sawmills Firewood
Cottenham Sawmills Ltd firewood

Larch, a high-density softwood, burns with a high flame. The flame is generally hotter than high-density hardwood comparators. Larch is also easy to ignite and therefore makes an ideal choice for firewood.

This is cut on site using offcuts from our milling process. It is available for sale all year-round in bags or delivered locally as a truck-load (approximately 1.25 cubic metres). We are happy to take orders for advance deliveries.

We also sell larch kindling, by the bag.

Cottenham Sawmills Ltd Hotties heatlogs

Hotties are a UK-made, 100% recycled clean wood heatlog; denser and drier than other heatlogs, non-crumbling and non-expanding. They have a moisture content of less than 5% and produce ash residue of less than 1%. Hotties give off powerful and reliable heat, every time.

We stock 10 kilo packs, which contain 10 70mm x 200mm logs. Discounts from our standard pack prices are available for bulk orders — please call us to discuss your requirements.