Cottenham Sawmills Other Products


All the sheds we make are made to order, using a larch timber framework. We can clad the sheds in two ways, shown in the pictures below. We can give you a quote to include local delivery and the cost of installing the shed if you require.

Given the sheds are made to order, we can build non-standard sizes, make the door and window openings bespoke, all to suit your needs.

Cottenham Sawmills Ltd Larch Feather-edge Sheds Cottenham Sawmills Ltd Shiplap Sheds


We stock a range of larch and oak sleepers, which can be used for various garden projects. We have some pictures below of some of the ways in which sleepers can be used to create garden edgings and bespoke structures. Please drop us an email or use the form on our Contact us page to let us know your requirements.

Cottenham Sawmills Ltd Sleeper Raised Beds Cottenham Sawmills Ltd Seating Area

Log stores

Cottenham Sawmills Ltd Log-lap Sheds

If you buy firewood, you are very likely to need a log store to keep your wood dry and allow it to season over time. We hand-build our log stores to suit the space you have.

As standard, we use our larch timber range to build the structure and the roof. The roof can be felted if required. We offer a local delivery and installation service if required.


We make all our larch gate products on site, so they can be built to fit a particular sized gap, if required. We also stock a range of gate posts.

Cottenham Sawmills Ltd Feather-edge gate Cottenham Sawmills Ltd Palisade gate Cottenham Sawmills Ltd Panel gate
Cottenham Sawmills Ltd Five-bar gate

We can also supply a range of five-bar gate products. Please give us a call to discuss your requirements.


We are able to supply a range of green, air-dried or kiln-dried oak products. We have been commissioned to make a range of products using oak, including tabletops, desk, seating areas, trellis and raised beds.

Cottenham Sawmills Ltd Oak table top Cottenham Sawmills Ltd Bespoke oak trellis Cottenham Sawmills Ltd Raised bed using oak sleepers